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Sign up nowEmployment - Delivers employment data direct from employers, including start date, tenure, job title, etc.
Sign up nowEmployment and Income - Provides you with the employment and income information needed to qualify an applicant.
Contact us Self-Employed - Provides you with an applicant's business and regulatory listings, as well as information from their tax preparer, if requested.
Contact us Employment Indicator - Confirms whether someone is employed or not with companies on The Work Number.
Contact us Confirmation Direct - Created for the Auto and Leasing industries, confirms only the information you truly need, your customer’s current employer and annual income range.
Contact us IRS Income Verification – 4506T Tax Transcripts - Fulfills requests for tax transcripts directly with the Internal Revenue Service, giving you a complete picture of a client's historical income.
Contact us Reverify – Loan Closing Verification - Allows you to quickly get an updated verification of your borrower’s employment and income information needed for loan closing.
Contact us Point In Time – Retro Employment and Income Verifications - Ensure due diligence was performed at the time of loan closing to protect yourself from repurchase demands.
Contact us The Work Number Alert - Portfolio Monitoring - Provides continual tracking of employment and income changes on your customer or client portfolio, delivered on demand per your schedule.
Contact us The Work Number Filtered – Active Employment Only - Returns actionable data, only current employment information, filtering out historical employment records.
Contact us The Work Number Select – Employment and Income Data Elements - Allows you to just receive the employment and income fields that are needed in your decisioning process.