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W-2 Service

Important Note: You may only access our W-2 service if your employer has decided to offer this service through The Work Number Web site. Your personal account may not offer all of these features mentioned below.

The Work Number provides a couple different services that make life easier at work. If your employer uses the W-2 service from Equifax Workforce Solutions, you will be able to access your W-2s through The Work Number account.

Our W-2 service offers a fast and efficient way to get copies of your W-2, and even download it directly into your tax return. No more waiting for it to arrive by mail, not to mention you eliminate the risk of it getting lost. By the way, if you find a mistake on your W-2, your employer may even offer you the option to request a correction through our service.

As with all services offered through The Work Number, our W-2 service is secure. Only you have access to your account and all transactions are encrypted to protect your privacy further.

Ready to see your W-2 options? Enter your employer name or code in the login box on the Employee home page.