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Frequently Asked Questions


General Verifier

What is The Work Number®?

The Work Number is a database that organizations can use to verify employment and income information. The income and employment records on The Work Number database are provided to us by thousands of employers nationwide and are updated on a regular basis.

The Work Number database can be accessed using either our web site, which can be found at, or our telephone-based system, which can be reached by calling 1-800-660-3399.

Where Does the Data on The Work Number Database Come From?

The data on The Work Number database is provided to us by thousands of employers who rely on Equifax Verification Services to fulfill their employee's income and employment verifications.

What Type of Employers Use Equifax Verification Servicesr?

A wide variety of employers, in a range of industries, use Equifax including...
  • The Home Depot®
  • Kelly Services®
  • Kroger®
  • Bank One®
  • Hewlett-Packard®
  • The Internal Revenue Service (IRS)®
  • The Gap®
  • The Coca-Cola Company®
  • PriceWaterhouseCoopers®

Where Can I Find a List of Participating Employers?

We have redesigned our Web site to make it more informative and easier to use. If you have a level of service where the employer is required in order to request a verification, you would simply log in to your account and search for the employer on the order page directly below where you enter the applicant's Social Security Number. If you have a level of service where you order a verification with just an SSN, we don't require an employer name/code from you.

How Often is The Work Number Database Updated?

The data on The Work Number database is updated each time an employer runs payroll.

What is a Social Service Agency?

A qualifying Social Service Organization is a government agency that is granting a low-income benefit. An agency that provides state or federal assistance to qualified applicants, like human services, social services, family services, Social Security Administration, Housing Authorities, Work Programs, and Medicaid. Child Support Enforcement Agencies are also considered social service agencies as well.

Additional organizations that qualify as Social Service Agencies:

  • A non-profit company, with a government contract, may also qualify for Social Services ONLY IF administering a low-income program.
  • A private company, with a government contract, may also qualify for Social Services ONLY IF administering a low-income program.

What is an Employer Code?

An Employer Code, also known as a Company Code, is a five-digit number that is used to identify a specific employer on The Work Number database. For example, the employer code for Wal-Mart is 10108 while the Employer Code for The Home Depot is 87843. You only need to know what a company's employer code is if you access The Work Number database using the telephone-based system, which can be reached by calling 1-800-660-3399. If you are using the web site, then you can just enter the name of the employer.

How/Why do I register to use Equifax Verification Services?

Register to use Equifax Verification Services by completing and signing a Service Agreement. By registering, you identify your agency to Equifax and protect employees against unauthorized access of confidential information. The contact person for the service agreement should be a spokesperson for your office. We may need to contact this person to verify your information or explain changes to the service. It will be necessary to provide proof or your organizations qualifications to use this service and may need to complete an on-site inspection.

You must be able to respond to the following questions:

  • What type of organization are you?
  • What type of program do you administer?
  • What contract do you have to prove your program operation?

What information is provided on a verification?

Equifax Verification Services provides information given to us by Employers: Employee Name and Social Security Number, Employment Status, Most Recent Start Date and Termination Date (if applicable), Total Time with Employer, Job Title, Rate of Pay, Average Hours per Pay Period, Total Pay for Past 2 years, and the most recent twelve pay periods of Gross Earnings.

The verification can provide up to 36 months of pay dates, period ending dates, number of hours worked, and gross earnings. All of this information is as current as the most recent pay period.

What is the source of Equifax Verification Services's information?

Equifax receives new information directly from its Employers' payroll systems on a per pay period basis. We do not manually key or scan any information into the database. Our Employers send us information in a specified file format at specified time intervals. We then load that information directly into Equifax's employment database, The Work Number..

Do I need authorization from the applicant?

Absolutely. Equifax Verification Services is to be used only when the public aid applicant has expressly given their permission, through a written signature, for your department to verify their employment and income information. Child Support agencies are the exception, since Employers are legally required to respond to their requests. Equifax audits a percentage of all verifications performed, and your signed Agreement gives us the authority to audit your specific activity. When an audit is performed, we look for the authorization signature from the applicant.

What are the benefits of using Equifax Verification Services?

Your agency will save time and money by using Equifax Verification Services. The verification process will be much less cumbersome, allowing your caseworkers to devote more of their time to the clients they serve. Also, Equifax will help you identify and prevent fraud more quickly and accurately and find unreported income.

Equifax Verification Services has been defined as the "Sole Source" provider. What does this term mean?

Employers who send records to Equifax use this service exclusively; in other words, they do not supply other vendors with the same payroll data, for the purposes of employment and income verification. Therefore, Equifax is the effective "Sole Source" provider of access to these records.

What types of employers might I expect to find on The Work Number database?

Many national employers in high-turnover, low-wage industries such as retail, staffing, hospitality, restaurant and gaming. Over 75% of the Fortune 500 and the majority of federal governement civilian employers contribute to the database.