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Social Security

Depend on current, employer-direct income to help reduce improper payments and meet compliance obligations

With a volatile economy and rapidly changing employment, it's essential to rely on the most-current and authentic information for Social Security Administration (SSA) program determinations. More than ever before, agencies across the board are finding increased applicant fraud as a result of unreported, or underreported, income. Equifax Verification Services provides a current view of the applicant's salary detail, direct from the most recent employer payroll, for use with SSA eligibility determination for Retirement, Disability and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) programs.

Equifax is the largest provider of employer-direct income information maintaining millions of current employment records from over 5,500 employers nationwide. Our service rapidly verifies any payroll income online or in batch to help streamline eligibility and audit functions for both fraud and compliance. That's important in a market environment where applicants are financially challenged and agencies are burdened with flat budgets and reduced resources.

The Social Security Administration leverages current income and employment information from Equifax in tandem with other public sector data for a complete picture of an applicant's financial situation. The SSA finds value in Equifax data for on-the-spot medical and disability reviews to determine if a beneficiary remains eligible, as well as for SSI re-determinations to re-evaluate any nonmedical factors that might affect continued eligibility or payment amounts.

With the President's improper payments initiative at the top of the agenda, leveraging Equifax Verification Services has become a growing trend among welfare agencies that adds significant value to performance.

Stay ahead of fraud and improve integrity results -- use Equifax Verification Services.

Express Service – Instantly look up client with just an SSN.
Batch Service – Run your entire caseload with ease.
Identity Assessment & Authentication