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TANF - Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

Empower your caseworkers with an online income verification tool so they can deliver services quickly!

With increasing welfare participation, service delivery ("timeliness") has risen on the list of top performance metrics for which states are evaluated. Agencies are now being rewarded for prompt application processing timeliness rates, to meet the urgent needs of their growing welfare population.

Timeliness can be a significant challenge to agencies under resource strain. And over/under payment errors may increase if quality is sacrificed for speed. A critical piece to timely and accurate application processing is current payroll information. Enabling your caseworkers with access to Equifax Verification Services provides the information they need for quick determination of TANF eligibility.

Leveraging The Work Number® database, Equifax provides an invaluable online tool for agencies struggling to meet ever-changing performance metrics and serve a growing population. Income and Employment Verifications from Equifax provide agencies with current salary information on their applicants, including pay period detail that allows caseworker flexibility in calculating household income for eligibility determinations, re-certifications and for program integrity reviews.

Equifax provides access to income and employment information on millions of actively employed individuals. This information is direct from the employer and is updated each pay period. It often provides a "complete employment" view that allows agencies to determine if unreported income is present in order to evaluate fraud. Our service rapidly verifies current income information, online or in batch, and is used hand-in-hand with public sector data to help ensure the most current and complete income information is being used so the most-needy recipients can be served quickly and efficiently.

Rely on Equifax Verification Services for instant, employer-direct income and reduce delays in assistance!

Express Service – Instantly look up client with just an SSN.
Batch Service – Run your entire caseload with ease.
Identity Assessment & Authentication