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Complete audit tool: how one agency validates every job placement

A department that aids small businesses in a major city has worked out a method of using Equifax Verification Services to conduct thorough and cost-effective quarterly audits of the career centers it supports.

The department funds a number of agencies that operate nearly 20 career centers and wanted to validate its funding of the centers. It established a program to confirm that the centers were accomplishing what they claimed. The department also wanted to be sure it weeded out any cases in which past employment was claimed as a new job.

The department sends an encrypted file to us with data on the people who were claimed as newly employed by the job centers. We check that file against The Work NumberŪ, our proprietary database of over 220 million employment records, and update the original file to show any records of employment. Then we return the file to the department.

To find out more about how this process works and whether it would be a help for your agency, please send us an email at with "audit help" in the subject line.

The Work Number database covers over one third of the employed population nationwide, which makes it a powerful auditing tool. We can go a step further: we can help you with a complete employment check in a matter of days, allowing you to confirm, job-by-job, every single individual who is claimed as newly employed.

Equifax can handle these manual verifications at lower per-verification cost than most agencies because we can use the efficiencies we've developed for manual verifications. These include a database of employer contacts who handle employment verifications, a system for guiding the process and maintaining a record of the process and the results, and an experienced team of specialists. You could validate funding for all your recipients, not just a sampling, at moderate cost.

Newsletter: March 2013, Volume I

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