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The Work Number Batch simple process, fast results

Of all the many databases you use to locate clients or check for employment updates, how many were updated in the past week or two?

Most state and federal databases, while comprehensive, are months out of date, at best. With The Work Number's batch service you can run all or part of your case load against a database of over 55 million employment records that are as current as each client's last paycheck.

Consider the impact from finding unknown employment and income data on 10 or 20 percent of your entire caseload in a matter of hours. You'd only pay for that data and not a penny for uploading your caseload to start the process.

All you need is a file to upload (Excel, csv etc.), some basic encryption software, and you're on your way. The process is simple once you have the credentials to log in.

You'll get data including employer name and address, most recent hire date, job status, hours worked per pay period and more. You can apply filters to narrow the results to the timeframe that matters to your project.

We'd be happy to explain how to get started. Please contact us at with "batch" in the subject line.

Newsletter: December 2013, Volumn IV

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