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Researched Verification

What is a researched verification?

This type of verification is able to be performed if the employment or income data requested is not found on Equifax Verification Services's instant database. The verification requested will be researched and the specific employer contacted to obtain the employment or income information.

How can I begin submitting orders for researched verifications on The Work Number?

The researched verification service is a contracted offering and can easily be added to your current agreement by an addendum to your contract.

Do I need a new username and password to place an order for a researched verification?

No, you will have one password for our complete service and will be able to obtain both instant and researched verifications.

How do I place an order for a researched verification?

If the employment record being sought is not available as an instant verification, you will be prompted with an order form for a researched verification.

What information is required on the researched verification order form?

A researched verification request is submitted via the web only. Verifiers are required to enter the following information:
  • Employee SSN (should pre-populate)
  • Employee name
  • Employer name
  • Employer state
  • Employer phone number (if you have available)

How do I place multiple orders during one login session?

Once a researched verification request is completed, the "New Order" button can be pressed at the bottom of the receipt page. You will be directed to a new order form. The request will first be matched against the instant verification service, and if not found, you will be prompted to order a researched verification.

Is it always necessary to send a written authorization form with the order?

A signed authorization form is required for all Verifications of Income (VOI) and some Verifications of Employment (VOE). A small number of employers require authorizations to accompany VOE requests.

How do I submit a written authorization form?

A signed authorization form is required for all Verifications of Income (VOI) and some Verifications of Employment (VOE). If you are in possession of a signed document, such as a loan application or an internal borrower's authorization form, you are able to submit this by a direct upload or fax.

During the order process, you will be asked to select if the authorization form will be submitted by upload or fax. If uploading, the system will automatically connect the electronic authorization form to the submitted order. The service will accept an electronic authorization form in a .PDF (4.0 and above) or a .TIF file format. If faxing, it is imperative that you use the specific cover sheet provided during the order process as it contains a bar code which links the authorization form to the specific verification request.

How will I know the status of my order?

Once you have logged into your account, you are able to click on the "Pending" link on the left tool bar. This link will take you to the "Pending" inbox showing all verifications in process. The status column will display a brief description of what is happening with the request. A more detailed history can be viewed by clicking on the reference number for the request in question. The reference number link will open up a page which displays the verification request. Once a verification has been completed, you can click on the "Ready" link to view and print your completed verification.

How will I receive the verification when it is completed?

Once the requested verification is complete, an email will be sent informing you that the verification is ready to be viewed. After logging in, you will click on the "Ready" link on the left-hand side of the page. This will take you to the "Ready" box which contains all verification requests that have been completed and are able to be viewed. To open the verification you will click on the reference number associated with the verification.

How long does it take to complete a researched verification?

Approximately 50% of the researched verification requests are completed within one business day. Others may take a little longer, but will be returned as quickly as possible, within 2-4 business days.

Once I have viewed a completed verification am I able to obtain a copy at a later time?

Once you have viewed a verification, it will move from the "Ready" box to a past verification file. You may access the previous verification by clicking on the "My Account" link in the left tool bar. The "My Account" page will then be displayed and you will click on the link called "Audit Past Verifications". You are then able to view this specific verification again by auditing the file using the reference number and the last 4 digits of the employee's SSN.

Can I view another user's order?

Yes. If a user within your organization has an open researched verification request, you can view the status of that order by selecting the "Search Verification" feature in the left menu bar. From there, all you'll need is The Work Number reference number and the last 4 digits of the consumer's SSN. If the order has been completed, but not viewed by the original requestor, you will be able to see the fulfilled verification.

Once the verification is viewed by any user, it is no longer available in the original user's Ready box.

How do I can cancel an order?

An order can be cancelled by contacting the Client Service Center at 866-662-3343 within 48 hours of submission and prior to the request being completed. Once a verification request has been researched and completed, an order is not able to be cancelled.

How are the researched verifications fulfilled by Equifax Verification Services?

A researched verification is fulfilled by a trained agent in our verification center. The agent will validate the employer information sent by the verifier client using multiple search engines and databases. The agents will then make multiple call attempts to the employer to obtain the VOE/VOI information. All phone calls are recorded and are available for audit purposes. The name, title, and phone number of the individual providing the information is recorded for audit purposes.