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What do you want to see?

To keep pace with unprecedented regulatory and financial change, you need the expertise of a trusted partner who can deliver a comprehensive view of your borrower’s ability to pay, in one stop.

Understand your customer’s ability to afford in a matter of seconds. We can fulfill your verification requests 24/7, allowing you to get the deal done, even when your customer’s employer is closed.

Credit Card and Consumer Finance
Looking to extend a line of credit or qualify someone for a loan? Equifax Verification Services can provide you with the employment or income information you need, direct from the employer, so you can focus on getting the other information you need.

Pre-Employment Screening
With all of the applicants in the market today, it is important to get a full understanding of the work history of those individuals you are looking to place or hire directly. Equifax can fulfill all of your verification needs, even for those individuals not on our database, removing the tedious process from your pre-employment process.

Property Management
Overstated income is common on rental applications. Know your tenant's capacity to pay before signing the lease with employment and income verifications from Equifax Verification Services.

Looking to validate graduate placement or connect with former students? Equifax Verification Services can provide you with current employment or income information direct from the employer to provide you the data you need to compile placement results with confidence.