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Validate graduate placement

Increasingly, colleges and universities are under pressure to validate graduate placement—for internal compliance, external accreditation or benchmarking and tracking performance metrics. However, within today's highly mobile workforce reporting on graduate placement can be challenging. Now there's a better way to rapidly source the data you need to compile verified 3rd party placement results with confidence—Equifax Verification Services.

Trusted by Your Peers

Within the Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities (APSCU), the majority of the large Member Schools currently use Equifax Verification Services to report on graduate placement for accreditation purposes.

Equifax leverages The Work Number, the nation's largest centralized database of current payroll data. The information is contributed by more than 5,500 of America's leading employers. Accessible online 24/7 and searchable by SSN, The Work Number instantly returns key employment data such as employer name, start date, job title and rate of pay.

Employment and income data from Equifax is direct from the source—the employer—and can therefore be used with confidence in servicing student loans or in validating current income when awarding financial aid.

Verification of Education