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Instant Verified Employment - Day or Night, Week or Weekend. That's Convenient.

The Automotive Finance Industry has skirted the wave of legislative mandates for proof of a borrower’s “ability to pay” that is impacting most of the financial services industry.  Nonetheless, verified income and employment information is still a critical piece of any lending decision to mitigate risk and reduce fraud, if it were only more accessible.

Trust But Verify - a White Paper

What research reveals about subprime vehicle loan performance when The Work Number data is used

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But now it is. Equifax Verification Services rapidly delivers income information to auto dealers or auto finance companies for use in pre-screen or underwriting. As the largest provider of income and employment information, our service rapidly verifies current employment and income information online to improve loan decisioning and reduce default risk.

Equifax maintains current employment information on nearly 55 million consumers, updated directly from employers. For employment information not available instantly, our team of verification specialists fulfills employment verifications in just days. For additional transparency into household income on both employed and self-employed borrowers, Equifax offers a suite of income solutions that rapidly vet the consumer’s ability to pay:  IRS tax transcripts - Form 4506-T, annualized income, and personal income models are just a few.

Make sound auto lending decisions, without impacting your sales cycle, by using income and employment solutions from Equifax.

Income & Employment Verification
IRS Income Verification - 4506-T Tax Transcript Fulfillment