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Pre-Employment Screening

Proof of Employment History verified and centralized!

“40% of resumes have inflated salaries, 30% show altered employment dates, 25% list companies that no longer exist …” HireRight resume fraud study

Employment screeners require a rapid and trustworthy means to verify employment history for quality candidate screening and safe hiring.  As job hiring becomes more competitive, as technology and economic pressure enables employment misrepresentation, and as regulation enters the process (FACTA, FCRA, Adverse Action), due diligence in employment verification has become critical.

Independent verification, direct from the employer, is the gold standard. Leveraging The Work Number, Equifax Verification Services has become the most efficient, central means of accessing employer information – from any employer.

Employment history verification is the most manual part of the background screening process. It requires the speed and expertise of a trusted partner who can provide independent and standardized employment information on any candidate and from any employer. 

With Equifax, you are able to quickly and easily obtain current and historical employment detail on a candidate with one request.   Employment information is either on our database or is verified by our specialists in just days.

It standardizes your product delivery and streamlines your process to ensure a quality screen. That’s Equifax Verification Services.

Employment Verification
Income & Employment Verification
IRS Income Verification 4506-T Tax Transcript Fulfillment
Identity Assessment & Authentication
The Work Number Alert – Portfolio Management