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3rd Party Verifications - Offer a better borrower experience while reducing fraud with a centralized, consistent and compliant process

Balancing loan processing consistency and compliance with superior customer service will play an important part in successfully navigating the new purchase market. Equifax can lend significant expertise in providing streamlined verifications that prevent fraud, mitigate risk and keep your business moving.

The Mortgage Industry has been inundated with federal consumer protection mandates and investor requirements that have shaped the “new normal” in lending.  Underwriting guidelines will continue to evolve, but a new mantra of INDEPENDENT, 3rd PARTY VERIFICATION is here to stay: verification of employment and income, “ability to pay” (Qualified Mortgage) and verifications of identity and undisclosed debt (Fannie Mae Loan Quality Initiative).

To keep pace with complex requirements and increased scrutiny, you need the expertise of a trusted partner like Equifax who can deliver a comprehensive view of your borrower's ability to repay, in one stop.

With Equifax Verification Services you can rapidly obtain income and employment verifications, approved by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, on any individual, including those with self-employed income.  For additional transparency, we provide tax transcripts and identity verification.  The ability to completely outsource your verification needs is now obtainable.

Employment Verification
Employment & Income Verification
Reverify – Closing Verbal VOE
Point In Time™ – Retro Income Verification
IRS Income Verification � 4506-T Tax Transcript Fulfillment
Identity Assessment & Authentication