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Sign up nowEmployment Verification, including The Work Number® - Delivers employment data direct from employers, including start date, tenure, job title, etc.
Sign up nowIncome and Employment Verification, including The Work Number - Provides you with the income and employment information needed to qualify an applicant.
Contact us Self-Employed Verification - Provides you with an applicant's business and regulatory listings, as well as information from their tax preparer, if requested.
Contact us Reverify Loan Closing Verification - Allows you to quickly get an updated verification of your borrower’s income and employment information needed for loan closing.
Contact us Point In Time Retro Income and Employment Verification - Directly addresses market demand for verified income and employment history to perform a post-close audit or to investigate loan repurchases and mortgage insurance rescissions.
Contact us The Work Number Alert - Portfolio Monitoring - Provides continual tracking of income and employment changes on your customer or client portfolio, delivered on demand per your schedule, as authorized by your agreements with your customers or clients.
Contact us The Work Number Filtered Active Employment Only - Returns actionable data, only current employment information, filtering out historical employment records.