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Income and Employment Verifications
Income and employment verification is needed, and in many cases required, in order to approve someone for credit or new employment. Through The Work Number®, we have many different verification services and products that are delivered to you in just the fashion you need.
SSN Verification and Identity Authentication
With fraud on the rise, not only for profit, but also for necessity, organizations need to make sure that their clients and customers are truly who they say they are. You can easily authenticate a person's identity with our Social Security Number Verification.
IRS Income Verification - 4506-T Tax Transcript Fulfillment
Getting the full picture of historical income is an essential piece of any decision process. For individuals, verifying current payroll, plus IRS income documents, has become a high quality assurance of "ability to pay." And because the Form 4506-T can be used to obtain various Personal Tax, Business Tax, and/or Wage Statements, you can also obtain critical information of business organizations and self-employed individuals.
Auto Verifications
Verification of auto insurance and rent - as well as income and employment verification - are crucial components of information for both dealers and lenders, particularly with subprime auto loans. With the new suite of auto verifications, dealers and lenders can focus on closing deals with third-party, verified information.