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2014 Farm Bill requires new report to prove SNAP benefits not paid to the deceased

A provision of the 2014 Farm Bill requires agencies to submit a report to the USDA to prove they haven't issued benefits to the deceased.

Section 4032 of the Agricultural Act of 2014, "Annual State report on verification of SNAP participation," says that agencies must submit a report to the Secretary of Agriculture "…containing sufficient information for the Secretary to determine whether the State agency has, for the most recently concluded fiscal year preceding that annual date, verified that the State agency in that fiscal year … did not issue benefits to a deceased individual."

The report must also contain information to show the agency did not issue benefits to "an individual who had been permanently disqualified from receiving benefits."

The Agricultural Act of 2014 includes $8 billion in cuts to SNAP and a new annual reporting requirement for state agencies that administer SNAP programs. (Image: USDA)

The penalty for failing to deliver the report is a reduction of up to 50 percent of the amount that would be otherwise payable to the State agency.

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Newsletter: April 2014

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