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Newsletter: January 2016

It's the law! The Work Number® affirmed as a tool for child support efforts

The Child Support Assistance Act of 2015 is now in force, clearing the way for child support agencies to make the most effective possible use of The Work Number to help collect payments owed by non-custodial parents.

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Study shows nearly half of employees see income change by at least 10% over a 12-month period

How variable is income over time? A study based on income data from over 4,800 employers showed that incomes change even more than you might think. The study showed that income changed more than 10% over a year for nearly half of the 26 million individuals in the study.

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FCRA compliance reminder: The Work Number® data cannot be shared

We require you to state a permissible purpose because it's the law! We hope you are getting the fullest possible benefit in using The Work Number. But please remember: the data you get from The Work Number is yours under the permissible purpose you declared and can't be shared.

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