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Equifax Offers Proactive Security Breach Services to Government Agencies

Over 34 million people that's the number of public sector employees, dependents, contractors, tax payers and government clients whose data was exposed in 2015 because of data breaches at government agencies. In the private sector, 170M consumers were exposed through other reported breaches; so indirectly, Federal Employee data has been exposed outside of just those breaches reported by the Federal Government.

The above statistics come from the latest annual report of the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC). ITRC reported that government agencies and U.S. military facilities experienced 63 known breaches in 2015. ITRC, which has been tracking data breaches since 2005, said those 63 incidents represented 8.1 percent of all breaches in the U.S. But those data breaches exposed 20.2 percent of the individuals' records that were affected in 2015.


  • Equifax strong brand reputation as a data and insights company
  • Federal GSA Approved Services
  • No cost contract unless services are required

If you are part of a government agency, those 34 million affected individuals are a reflection of the sheer quantity of personal data you are the steward of, and a measure of the weight of your responsibilities. Those breaches involved more SSN and other PII data than in prior years, thereby increasing the likelihood of deeper types of identity theft.

You may know Equifax Workforce Solutions, a business unit of Equifax, as a provider of employment and income verifications. But, Equifax Workforce Solutions is also a long-term provider of employment and payroll related services to clients that include 167 federal government agencies and 344 state and local government entities. Through another Equifax business unit, we can also provide our clients with breach notification and response services, as well as credit and identity monitoring services, to assist them should they experience a security breach. These services can help clients minimize the adverse impact to its reputation, and hopefully recover more quickly from the effects of a security breach.

We hope your agency never requires these services. But it's considered a best practice to have plans in place. Based on our existing relationship, your agency could benefit greatly by coming directly to Equifax for needed services in this area.

For more information, please contact or call 1-800-753-3589.

Newsletter: May 2016

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