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Integration: a new way to save time for caseworkers and improve program accuracy

What if your eligibility case workers could check for current employment data on clients with a single click without leaving your system? They can! You only need to integrate with Equifax Verification Services.

When you integrate with our proprietary database, The Work Number®, you completely automate the process of checking for employment and income data. All your case worker needs to do is set up a new case or launch the renewal process as usual. In the background, a query comes to our system. We return the results directly to your system. The case worker just sees the results he or she needs to take the next step – right there on the screen they use every day.

By making that step automatic, you'll increase program accuracy by ensuring that someone checks for current employment for every new client and every renewal.

We can help you build a system-to-system integration that automatically passes through the request from your system to us in a secure and password-protected way. The process will be invisible to individual users -- your case workers only see the button to request the records in whatever location you choose on your system's screens or simply the data itself if you decide to fully automate its delivery.

Case workers see only the records they need, because you build rules that determine the parameters. Building those rules is a process our technical support staff can help with based on their experience with other government users like you.

If you'd like to learn more, please send us an email at with "integration" in the subject line.

Newsletter: March 2013, Volume I

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