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Letters cause delays please check The Work Number first!

With the economy weak and demand for assistance strong, we're getting more verification requests in the mail these days. Some agencies send their form letter to the employer without checking if that employer is already on The Work Number a sure way to cause delays.

If you are sending mail directly to us, the same applies: if the employer is on The Work Number, a mailed verification request will result in substantial delays.

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The bottom line: Check The Work Number first! It takes seconds much less time than it takes you even to fill in the blanks on your form letter. And you won't be wasting paper or postage.

In addition, we have received many letters with a five-digit zip code. This also presents a problem. We require a full ZIP code the ZIP+four as it's sometimes called. That's because for security purposes we need enough information to be sure of who you are before we respond.

Thousands of employers nationwide have entrusted their employment and income verification process to us. They know agencies like you want fast access to the information and that means an online service like The Work Number is the best option. They also know their employees and former employees will be better served if the information can be accessed quickly so they can be quickly qualified for benefits.

Please, spare yourselves a hassle! Make that first step a quick visit to The Work Number.

Newsletter: June 2012, Volume I

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