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Newsletter: June 2013, Volume II

State agency uncovers unreported income for 27% of clients in sample

You checked for unreported income once already, when the client applied for benefits. Why check again? Because you will uncover unreported income. One state agency conducted a preliminary review of a sample of several hundred clients who reported zero income at application and discovered that 27% of them had unreported income, based on our data.

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The Work Number

Integrity Cross Match for unemployment insurance: making your budget go further

Is your unemployment insurance integrity team struggling with budget cuts since sequestration? Here's a cost-effective way for them to still achieve their goals: join a free pilot of our Integrity Cross Match solution. You can quickly reduce overpayments by checking all claimants against a database that includes income data.

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The Work Number® Alert: let us monitor your caseload for you

The Work Number® Alert is a tool for monitoring changes to the employment status of your clients or any subset of them. You provide us the necessary data on clients and choose the settings: how often we check for changes, and what data fields we check.

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