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The Work Number® Alert: let us monitor your caseload for you

One of your clients just got a job. Would it help if we let you know?

We can!

With The Work Number® Alert, once you provide us the necessary information on your clients – or any subset of them – we can monitor changes and provide alerts. You choose the settings: how often we check for changes, and what data fields we check. The process of checking for changes in employment status becomes completely automated.

Squeezed by Sequestration?

Let us monitor your caseload for you with The Work Number Alert: automated alerts to changes in employment status sent based on your parameters

Learn more.

The first time you send us your client data, we let you know what information we have and establish a baseline. You can, of course, add or delete clients via the secure interface at any time.

It's that simple: we monitor your caseload for you. You tell us what to monitor and how often to check. You might be a child support agency and you'd like to know when income changed by a certain percentage. Or you might simply want to know that someone receiving benefits is now employed or is working more hours. It's up to you.

Sequestration hurts. With so many agencies strapped for resources, it makes sense to let us do this work for you. To learn more, please send us an email to with "Alert" in the subject line.

Newsletter: June 2013, Volume II

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