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Integrity Cross Match for unemployment insurance: making your budget go further

Is your unemployment insurance integrity team struggling with budget cuts since sequestration? Here's a cost-effective way for them to still achieve their goals: join a free pilot of our Integrity Cross Match solution.

Free Pilot

State departments of unemployment insurance are invited to apply to join a pilot program to see just how much they can boost program integrity with Integrity Cross Match.

To apply for the pilot, please contact us via email at

With Integrity Cross Match, you can quickly reduce overpayments by checking all claimants against a database – The Work Numberฎ – that already includes income data and is as current as each claimant's last paycheck, or within a few days.

Integrity Cross Match is a service designed with resource-strapped departments of insurance in mind. Our goal: help integrity teams achieve goals and stay cost-effective.

We're offering departments of unemployment insurance the opportunity to boost their program integrity – free – by joining a pilot program for this new service.

To apply for the pilot, please contact us via email at with "free pilot" in the subject line.

Integrity Cross Match vs. state wage data and NDNH

True, The Work Number may not be as inclusive as your state's quarterly wage database, but because it's much fresher it may prevent you from paying many months of benefits to the claimants who are included. You may also uncover wages earned in a neighboring state.

What about the National Directory of New Hires? NDNH is a little fresher than the state wage data – weeks old instead of months old. But if your integrity team uncovers an unreported job on NDNH they still need income data from the employer. Once you've uncovered unreported employment with The Work Number, you're done: no need to contact the employer and confirm income data, since you get income data that came directly from the employer in the first place.

The bottom line: even an integrity team strapped for resources can achieve big savings.

The Work Number gathers data from over 3,800 employers each pay period. Over a third of the nation's employed population is included, and new employers join every week. Using Integrity Cross Match will let you uncover unreported income for a significant portion of your claimants, possibly as much as a quarter of them. Join the pilot to see exactly how much impact you can have.

Newsletter: June 2013, Volume II

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