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State agency uncovers unreported income for 27% of clients in sample

You checked for unreported income once already, when the client applied for benefits. Why check again?

Because you will uncover unreported income. One state agency conducted a preliminary review of a sample of several hundred clients who reported zero income at application and discovered that 27% of them had unreported income, based on our data.

Unreported income

A review of zero-income applicants showed 27% had unreported income, according to the quality review team at a department of human services.

Learn about tools for uncovering unreported income.

About half the time, the review suggested, clients had started a job shortly before applying for benefits. But if the new job was with an employer who is part of The Work NumberŪ database, they showed as employed within a few days of their first paycheck. The follow-up review uncovered these jobs.

The review was based on data from over 3,800 employers in The Work NumberŪ database updated by member employers each pay period. The review led to further follow-up with the clients who had gone to work full time and never reported their income.

It's easy to check employment status with a number of tools that draw on data in The Work Number. You can upload all or part of your caseload via a secure process and receive, overnight, a view of any fresh employment or income data. You can also give us the necessary information for a set of clients and have us automatically check for changes in employment status at intervals you chose.

To learn more about how we can help you reduce inaccuracy and overpayments, please send an email to with "accuracy" in the subject line.

Newsletter: June 2013, Volume II

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