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The Work Number's Batch service: data overnight on thousands of cases

What if you could find out, overnight, that 10 or 20 percent of your caseload had started a new job?

Agencies face pressure to handle a surging caseload and improve program accuracy a double whammy. A cost-effective tool to quickly uncover unreported income would immediately boost accuracy with little extra effort.

The Work Number® Batch Service

  • Find unreported jobs
  • Locate non-custodial parents
  • Simplify re-certifications and re-determinations
  • Send all or part of your caseload, pay only for "hits"

The Work Number's batch service is just such a tool. You send us a spreadsheet on all of your caseload or any part of it. We return any matches we find in our national database of over 210 million employment records, and you pay only for the actionable data you receive.

The batch tool is also a cost-effective way for child support workers to locate non-custodial parents by giving you insight to their most recent place of employment, even in other states.

The batch service helps you reduce fraud, improve quality control, and get more work done without adding staff. It's designed to be adaptable to your needs: send us tens of thousands of cases but only receive "hits" that matter to you. You only pay for the information you really need.

The batch service also speeds up the handling of biannual re-certifications or re-determinations and helps weed out problems with cases that have a high probability for error, such as cases including other working adults in the household.

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