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Newsletter: October 2013, Volume III

Unemployment overpayments detected fifteen weeks faster than quarterly state wage data

In a recent pilot program, Equifax data helped one state detect unemployment overpayments fifteen weeks sooner than those also identified by the quarterly state wage data.

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The Work Number

Fraud mitigation tools for program integrity

Equifax Verification Services provides a toolset for fraud prevention and program integrity to a variety of government agencies: SNAP, TANF, Medicaid and other benefit programs, as well as child support agencies and workforce agencies. Learn more about the many ways we can help.

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How we help human services of all kinds

Government agencies of all kinds use The Work Number® and our many other services to provide faster service and protect program integrity. Learn more about the different agencies who use the data and how.

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The Work Number welcomes its 3,000th employer

Every week new employers join the family of companies who offer fast access to employment and income verifications via The Work Number. In fact, we recently crossed the 3,000 mark 3,000 employers with over 53 million current employees in every conceivable industry in every state.

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