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Fraud mitigation tools for program integrity

The Work Number® is a well-established tool for improving program integrity. But you may not know that Equifax offers a broad toolset for fraud prevention and program integrity.

The need for tools that mitigate fraud is increasing rapidly. Consider the radical changes in streamlined eligibility due to the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

For TANF, SNAP, and other benefit programs, when you reach the point of taking more applications for benefits online than in person (the time is coming soon!) you'll need to be sure the person submitting that application is who they say they are. We can help, with tools such as Identity Proofing, an online authentication service that presents applicants with multiple choice questions that only they should be able to answer.

For child support agencies, even after you've tested your caseload against The Work Number, we can provide additional help as you search for non-custodial parents. FirstSearch, for example, is a tool that draws on a variety of data sources, including billing records from utilities, wireless providers and pay TV companies. No other solution returns as many still-current "right party" contacts. FirstSearch quickly brings you one step closer to securing the financial assistance custodial parents need.

For workforce agencies, FirstSearch is the logical next step after The Work Number for finding, contacting, and verifying the status of graduates you may have lost track of.

To learn more about how Equifax can help mitigate fraud and error, improve privacy protection, and get benefits to those who need them faster, please send us an email to with "integrity tools" in the subject line.

Newsletter: October 2013, Volume III

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