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Unemployment overpayments detected fifteen weeks faster than quarterly state wage data

Equifax data helped one state detect unemployment overpayments fifteen weeks sooner than those also identified by their quarterly state wage data. That's the result of a pilot program comparing results using Equifax data to cross match efforts using one of the state's traditional data sources.

The pilot began in the first quarter of 2013 when the state provided a portfolio of active unemployment insurance claimants. Equifax responded with data available from The Work Number® on claimants who matched with an employment and income record for the time period of interest.

Cross match with Equifax data…

  • Detects overpayments sooner, allowing for earlier intervention and education of claimants
  • Allows investigators to better identify overpayments
  • Provides data direct form the employer with more of the necessary detail, saving work for investigators
  • Makes investigators more effective and more efficient

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The pilot also shows that Equifax data – which includes income data direct from employers as well as employer contact information, start date and many other data points – has enabled the department to seek rebuttal from claimants 84% of the time when possible overpayment was detected. The comparable figure for new hire directories was 78%. For model cross match using state wage data, the figure was 69%. In other words, the completeness of the Equifax data set saved time and effort for investigators.

To learn more about the pilot, the study of pilot results, or how you can use our data to improve your program integrity, please send us an email to with "Integrity pilot" in the subject line.

Newsletter: October 2013, Volume III

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