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Verify employment and income for everyone

You already know about The Work NumberŪ database and its 55 million employment records. Did you know we can provide cost-effective employment verifications for most workers, including those not on the database?

With our manual verification service we use our resources to complete verifications on most working persons in the U.S. Those resources include a team of specialists who have performed millions of manual verifications over the past few years. In that time they have developed relationships with countless employers of all sizes nationwide. They have tools that make them more efficient and techniques to perform manual verifications quickly and effectively.

The effectiveness of our team allows caseworkers to better utilize their time and focus on providing assistance.

There are many ways to take advantage of the service. For example, we have developed a process that allows workforce agencies to send us a file which we then populate with the necessary employment information and return. This updated file lets the workforce agency validate its results across its entire client base.

If you'd like to explore the ways we can improve the overall efficiency of your team or help with audits and fraud-control using manual verifications, please send an email to with "universal employment verifications" in the subject line.

Newsletter: December 2013, Volumn IV

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