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Why The Work Number?

Why Equifax Verification Services?

Get Fast Results – Eliminate time spent phoning and faxing employers. Improve service by completing eligibility determinations faster – even instantly with the applicant sitting next to you.

Search by SSN – Enter a Social Security number and instantly see what employment and income information is available.

Find Unreported Income – With our service you get information straight from employers, and by uncovering unreported jobs, you increase program accuracy, reduce overpayments, and preserve funding for those who truly need assistance.

Get Fresher Information - Data is updated by employers each time they run payroll. Unlike quarterly databases such as EIV or NDNH, The Work Number database has the latest available information, straight from the employer.

Reduce Fraud – Get information from an independent third party source and reduce the risks that come with relying on potentially forged printed documents.

Our verification service has multiple ways to access the information and at a range of pricing options.  Let us show you how we can put together an option that works for you and best of all, it will help you increase your accuracy rating!