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Why The Work Number?

About Verifications

Your Complete Verification Solution

Verifying an applicant’s information takes time.  It takes time to track down his or her employer, to contact these sources and wait for a response to ensure the information is valid; time you could use to obtain the rest of the information needed to complete the application. You need a third party to validate applicant information and provide you with data that is authentic, current and direct from the employer. You need a partner that can help to increase your accuracy rating.  You need Equifax Verification Services.

What is Equifax Verification Services?

Equifax Verification Services is your single source for employer direct employment and income information. With one click, you’ll be connected to the fastest, most comprehensive verification solution in the United States, dramatically reducing the time it takes to receive a verification.

Equifax has a complete offering for current employment and information, as well as identity.

  • Instant employment and income information
  • Researched employment and income information, for those not on our database
  • SSA identity authentication and assessment
  • Portfolio Management