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FCRA compliance for social service agencies

If you're still mailing verification requests, even for employers who are part of The Work Number®, soon you'll have a much better way to serve your clients and your agency more securely.

In the near future, all agencies will be required to authenticate themselves on our website in addition to selecting a permissible purpose. These steps are required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act. (FRCA)

Benefits of the coming service enhancement

  • Documented FCRA compliance of the agency
  • Documented Permissible Purpose of each verification response
  • Improved reporting
  • Validated users will be provided with access credentials.

We recommend that you sign up for the Express Service, which lets you request and receive your verifications online that's the fastest and most secure method possible. However, if you choose to mail your verification requests directly to employers that use The Work Number, you'll be contacted to take the necessary steps for FCRA compliance.

In fact, you or someone at your agency has probably already received a letter explaining the steps you need to take to authenticate and declare permissible purpose.

This service enhancement is part of our commitment to provide the best possible security and ease of use on The Work Number. It's part of our commitment to users like you, and to the employers who have entrusted us with the responsibility of responding to verifications on their behalf. Over 3,200 employers work with us, and they count on us to constantly look for ways to make The Work Number better.

If your agency hasn't received a letter regarding FCRA compliance, stay tuned! We'll be providing more information in the weeks to come. In the meantime, if you would like to learn more about how you can improve efficiency of your case workers and make decisions quickly by signing up for the Express Service at modest cost, please contact us at with "Express Service info" in the subject line.

Newsletter: April 2014

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