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New look and easier navigation for Equifax Verification Services

Users of the Express service on our proprietary database, The Work Number®, will be seeing a new look and easier navigation in months to come.

Nothing changes – except that everything gets better. In other words, your login credentials are the same and you start out by visiting the same site, but you'll find it easier to order your verifications and view the information.

See all your verifications at a glance on the summary page and expand each one as required. If you'd like to see a brief training video of the new platform, please email us at

The ordering process is smoother, and the verification results won't get splashed over several screens on your browser window. Instead, the verifications will appear as summaries that you can expand one at a time with a single click.

The new modular approach is both more intuitive and more convenient. The revamped system also includes some protections against unintentional loss of information. For example, if you try to leave your verification summary screen without printing anything, the system will prompt you to make sure that's okay.

We've also added a privacy button that hides the verification results immediately. Eligibility workers who do their jobs in cubicles have told us they need that feature from time to time to better protect clients' privacy.

If you'd like to see a brief training video of the new platform, please email us at with "video" in the subject line. Or you can read a one page summary (PDF) that includes screen shots.

We'll be contacting clients in months to come to let them know when they'll be migrated. If you have any questions, please send us an email to with "upgrade" in the subject line.

Newsletter: March 2013, Volume I

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