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Guarding against fraud in online benefit applications

An online application process can be a benefit to agencies struggling to handle heavy caseloads on shrinking budgets, but who is the person submitting the application? Is it truly an applicant in need, or a fraudster?

The best way to be sure: use a robust identity authentication tool. A good authentication tool should verify against a broad array of data sources to make sure that, for example, the SSN does not belong to a deceased person or is known to be at risk due to a stolen identity. A good tool should also be able to alert you if there are patterns of suspicious activity, such as too many recent attempts to apply for authentication.

eID, from Equifax, does that and more to guard against the risk that someone is impersonating an applicant, or that they are collecting on behalf of someone who should no longer be receiving benefits.

Will applicants mind? You may find they'll feel more confident about the security and privacy of your online application process. In the private sector, website abandonment rates improve when a transactional site demonstrates a strong commitment to security.

With identify theft increasing at alarming rates, any online transaction is subject to risk. To learn more about how your program can protect the integrity of its online intake process, please send us an email to with "authentication" in the subject line.

Newsletter: December 2013, Volumn IV

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