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The Integration Process

Lenders, pre-employment screeners, social service agencies and a wide range of other organizations have come to rely on The Work NumberŪ, a service of Equifax, when verifying the income and employment information of applicants. In the past, verifiers have been limited to accessing The Work Number over the Web or the telephone. While this works for many organizations, it can create usability, training, and other problems for some because it requires the verifier to use a different system to obtain an income or employment verification. At the request of our clients, The Work Number developed an Integration access option.

Necessary Modifications

In order to take advantage of the Integration option, a verifier must modify their existing eligibility determination process so that users are able to initiate verifications using the applicant or candidate's personal information. Verifiers must also modify their existing applications so that they can talk to The Work Number Integration Server.

How It Works

The Work Number OFX is a machine-only interface to The Work Number. Verifiers access this interface by communicating with the The Work Number B2B Router. The B2B Router authenticates transactions as originating from the Verifier's Application Server using a Class 1 Client Certificate. The communications are XML statements formatted according to the OFX standard with the proposed EIV extensions.