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Verify Employment and
Income Instantly

Homebuyers want a fast, low-friction purchasing process — one where the lender doesn’t ask for pay stubs or an employment verification letter to verify income and employment. As a lender, you want to ensure a positive borrower experience from start to finish. Everybody wins with the Verification of Employment (VOE) and Verification of Income (VOI) mortgage products from The Work Number®. 

Solutions Built for Mortgage

Enhanced verification solutions give lenders the ability to digitally access pertinent employment and income information at distinct stages of the mortgage loan process. Pay one flat fee for each solution to help make forecasting your verification costs easier and ultimately provide a better customer experience.

Mortgage Ultimate (VOI/E)

Gain verification flexibility throughout the entire loan origination process. Access current income and employment records within the last 90 days, records from previous employers within the last 24 months, and request (1) income verification and up to (3) additional re-verifications of income or employment within a 90-day period.

All Employers Within 24 Months (VOI)

Streamline your mortgage process and fast-track your decisions with access to any available employer records. View employment and income verification records – from both current and previous employers – that have been updated within the last 24 months. 

Employment Select (VOE)

Access current employment records within the last 60 days for re-verification of employment at loan closing.

All Employers Within12 Months (VOI)

Check employment and income records from current or previous employers within the last
12 months.

Mortgage Preferred (VOI)

Access current income and employment records within the last 60 days and records from previous employers within the last 24 months at underwriting.

A Better Experience for
Your Clients

See how using The Work Number throughout the mortgage origination process can help improve customer experience and speed time to close.
Turn to Equifax For Your Mortgage Verification Needs

Cost and Time Savings

Save costs at every step, including processing, underwriting, and quality control. Save time with Fannie Mae Day 1 Certainty.

Improved Borrower Experience

Potential for less review at application and post-close helps create a borrower-friendly process.

Process Efficiencies

Help eliminate manual verifications and reduce the risk for human error.

Streamline the Experience

Reduce the need to collect pay stubs and other pay-related documentation.
See What Consumers Told Us They Really Want In The Home Buying Process
The Equifax team was very proactive and innovative in defining a solution for our manual VOE needs. They took the time to understand our needs and then they launched a well designed and executed plan with no surprises.  The Equifax team did exactly what they said they would, delivering a quality and cost-effective solution.
Top 5 Mortgage Lender, Ops Director

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