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Point In Time Product Sheet

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Point In Time™
A look back at income and employment—directly from the employer

As cited by Fannie Mae, income misrepresentation is one of the top reasons for poor loan quality. In order to defend against repurchase and to validate due diligence was performed during the underwriting process, you need the ability to verify borrower employment history and income at the time the loan was closed.

Point In Time, from Equifax Verification Services, directly addresses market demand for verified employment and income history to perform a post-close audit or to investigate loan repurchases and mortgage insurance rescissions.

Point In Time:

  • Leverages The Work Number® database of income and employment records from over 5,500 employers nationwide
  • Validates the borrower's employment status and payroll income informationóback as far as 2006
  • Helps validate the loan file matches the borrower's employer information

A Point In Time verification is the right tool when a loan file review shows missing elements, or when quality control efforts require the need to authenticate the existing documentation. As the leader in income and employment verification, our industry knowledge and automation can help provide relief to your repurchase demands.

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