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Why Equifax Verification Services?

Why Equifax Verification Services?

Prevent Fraud: Don't rely on borrower provided information when you can get it directly from a third party, tamper proof partner. Allow us to remove the threat of insider or outsider fraud.

Award Winner: Received top honors in the mortgage industry as the Fix It Award Winner from Mortgage Technology.

Direct to you: All the information we provide comes direct from the source, from employers or the government.

Efficient: Equifax Verification Services saves on the soft-dollar costs incurred when you spend time interacting with employers.  You request the information through us and we will do all of the phone calls, research and faxes so you don’t waste your time completing these requests.

Complete coverage: We fulfill employment and income verifications for anyone who is employed in the U.S.

One partner: Equifax Verification Services delivers not only the Employment or Income Verification you need to qualify applicants, but also 4506-T Tax Transcripts and Identity Assessment and Authentication.

Third party source: A piece of paper from your customer is easily tampered with or forged. The Work Number is an independent third party source that satisfies the requirements of Fannie Mae and other major lenders, delivering verifications directly to you.

Better service: Because Equifax Verification Services provides the information directly to you, you don’t have to ask your customer to go through extra steps and you can quickly move towards closing the deal.  

Flexible: Equifax Verification Services allows you to get the information you need in a variety of forms and via a variety of access options. Whatever your business, we can help you reach your objective.