Remove income stipulations. Fast.
The automotive industry is shifting. Consumers are calling the shots and are more empowered than ever as they go through the car buying journey. They are demanding a more transparent, digital and faster process. Dealers and lenders alike must adapt to capture new customers while maintaining loyalty.
Something for the dealer...and lender, too.
Equifax offers a suite of products and services developed especially for the auto industry. Determining a potential customer’s ability to pay utilizing The Work Number® from Equifax delivers results within seconds—24 hours a day, 365 days a year—whenever car buyers are shopping.
Income and Employment Verification
Instantly verify employment and income.
The Work Number ID
Verify identity of applicants instantly.
Education Verification
Verify an individual's graduate attainment and/or enrollment status.

Watch how a dealership verifies income and employment and the value it gets from the simple process.