Digital verifications for a better mortgage experience.
Homebuyers want a fast, low-friction home purchase process. One where the lender doesn’t ask them for paperwork like paystubs or an employment verification letter. As a lender, you want to improve the borrower experience while helping to reduce fraud. Everybody wins with the Verification of Employment (VOE) and Verification of Income (VOI) mortgage products powered by The Work Number® from Equifax.
Built for mortgage.
Equifax created—and continues to innovate—products specifically for the mortgage industry. Our VOE and VOI enhancements for mortgage were designed to give lenders the information they need at distinct stages of the mortgage origination process.
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Income and Employment Verification
Instantly verify employment and income.
IRS Tax Transcripts Fulfillment Service
Request IRS tax transcripts online.
SSN Verification Service
SSN verifications made easy.

Watch how using The Work Number throughout the mortgage origination process can help in your digital transformation journey to improve customer experience and speed time to close.

See how consumers told us they really want in the home buying process.

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