Verify borrowers' income with an IRS tax transcript
Obtaining a verified copy of a tax transcript remains a key component in determining a borrower’s ability to pay. The administrative tasks associated with the 4506-T consent form can slow down the overall loan process. We can quickly provide tax transcripts from our IRS Income Verification service.
How it works
The IRS Income Verification service can help you request tax transcript forms efficiently and cost-effectively. Our 13-point quality check helps ensure tax transcript requests are not rejected by the IRS.

Value for you

Reduce time and costs associated with managing a paper process.
Obtain digital signatures from your applicant—anytime, anywhere and on any device.
Tax transcripts are typically available within 48 hours.

Watch to see how our IRS Income Verification service can help you request Tax Transcript forms (1040S to 1099S, W-2S, State Income Reports, and business income tax returns) efficiently and cost-effectively.